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Passiv has been at the forefront of cleantech R&D since 2008, working collaboratively with a range of partners to deliver net-zero projects.

The Passiv Smart Thermostat

Innovation at Passiv

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Passiv. The Passiv Smart Thermostat is the result of over 10 years of R&D in low-carbon heating.

Passiv is expert in monitoring, controlling and optimising low-carbon technology in homes and can work as a project lead or partner to help deliver your decarbonisation project.

Passiv has completed over 50 projects working in partnership with Government, network operators, energy companies and manufacturers.

The Passiv team

Passiv's data scientists, algorithm developers and project managers bring extensive experience of managing projects deploying low carbon assets into homes, capturing and analysing data, and providing insightful project learnings.

Combining this with deep domain expertise in energy policy and regulation, Passiv can help organisations seeking research and consultancy support across the low-carbon energy landscape.

The Passiv team

Our past projects



Energy Smart Heat Pump

The Energy Smart Heat Pump project saw Samsung and Passiv UK collaborate to provide smart demand side flexibility as part of the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero’s Interoperable Demand Side Response Programme. Passiv UK developed a smart controls solution for Samsung air source heat pumps compliant with PAS 1878, a standard for interoperable domestic flexibility from the British Standards Institute.

Samsung Heat Pump



The Fixed Level Affordable Tariffs Led by Intelligently Networked Energy (FLATLINE) project explored the optimisation of low carbon assets including heat pumps, battery storage and solar PV in homes at Parc Eirin, Wales. As part of the project, Passiv’s smart controls provided demand side flexibility in collaboration with National Grid, allowing householders to earn extra money through automated responses that preserved user comfort.

Solar panels on street houses


No Regrets

The No Regrets project, in collaboration with EDF, saw fully-funded hybrid heat pumps installed alongside Passiv’s smart controls. These smart controls helped to increase heat pump utilisation and overall system efficiency, reducing both costs and carbon emissions. Passiv also integrated with EDF’s PowerShift trading platform to provide seamless demand side flexibility to householders, using multiple energy sources to reduce electricity consumption whilst maintaining comfort.

Samsung Heat Pump outside home



The Multi Asset Demand Execution (MADE) project involved Passiv utilising heat pumps, batteries, solar and EV chargepoints to shift consumption and reduce peak grid demand. This reduced energy bills through time of use tariff optimisation and resulted in bill savings of up to £260 per household. Analysis of Passiv’s results by Imperial College showed multi-asset optimisation could deliver savings of up to £500m in avoided reinforcement costs.



The Flexible Residential Energy Efficiency Demand Optimisation and Management (FREEDOM) project examined the feasibility and affordability of hybrid heat pumps. As part of the project, Passiv installed 75 hybrid systems with smart controls. Using thermal models of the properties, heat pump utilisation was increased whilst costs were reduced through time of use tariffs and peak reduction.

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