About Us

The people behind the smart energy technology for home decarbonisation

We are a smart energy technology business. We have spent over a decade developing software solutions to decarbonise homes. Our patented technology provides market leading control of low-carbon technologies such as heat pumps, battery storage, solar PV and EV chargepoints.

To reduce our carbon emissions, we need to change how we travel, heat our homes and generate power. We need an energy revolution in our homes – to replace boilers with heat pumps, swap petrol and diesel cars for electric vehicles, and install solar PV on rooftops.

At Passiv, we believe we can accelerate the global journey to net-zero and reduce the cost of low-carbon technologies by making them connected and smart. That’s why we’ve created our Smart Energy Platform. Our Smart Energy Platform enables smart, connected monitoring and control of energy devices within a home.

Based in Newbury, we are a pioneering company at the forefront of reducing energy bills and carbon emissions for millions of households.

Three members of staff in discussion

In April 2021, Passiv was acquired by BUUK Infrastructure

BUUK Infrastructure is the leading provider of multi-utility networks in the UK, operating more than 2.5 million utility connections. BUUK Infrastructure is backed by Brookfield Asset Management who manage $625bn of energy and building assets globally.

Transforming the energy market

We were the first to market with a smart thermostat in the UK

We have 60,000 devices connected to our Smart Energy Platform

We have completed more than 50 market-leading innovation projects in the last three years

Our customers have saved more than 200,000 tonnes of carbon