Meet the perfect partner for a heat pump -
The Passiv Smart Thermostat

With the Passiv Smart Thermostat you can reduce heating bills by 30%, enjoy effortless comfort with smart preheating and earn up to £100 a year with Greener Grid Payments.

Passiv Smart Thermostat, Programmer and App

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The Passiv Smart Thermostat makes home comfort effortless with smarter controls and lower heating bills.

Why should you install the Passiv Smart Thermostat with a heat pump?

Passiv Smart Thermostat showing temperature
Effortless comfort

By learning how a home heats up and cools down and optimising to local weather forecasts, the Passiv Smart Thermostat ensures a home is always the right temperature.

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Lower bills

The Passiv Smart Thermostat can reduce a heating bill by 30% - the Energy Saving Trust verified that it increases a COP by 17% and it can optimise to time-of-use tariffs and solar PV too.

We pay you!

Sign up to Greener Grid Payments - the UK's first automated Demand Side Response Service for home heating - and get paid up to £100 a year for using a heat pump.

Take the guesswork out of heat pump installations

The Passiv Smart Thermostat removes the need to set a weather compensation curve. Instead, it dynamically adjusts the flow temperature to ensure a heat pump runs with maximum efficiency.

The Passiv Programmer contains a built-in push-fit wiring centre to speed up heat pump installation. The Programmer is also used to commission the system in under two minutes without a smartphone or internet connection.

Control from anywhere with the Passiv app

Simple, smart control

The Passiv app is the easiest way to control a heat pump - use the app to quickly and conveniently manage heating and hot water.

Quick signup

Download the app and create a free account in just a few minutes - scan the QR code on the Passiv Programmer to get started.

Manage home comfort

See the current temperature, setpoint and status of each heating zone. Quickly adjust setpoint temperatures to manage home comfort.

Boost hot water

See how much water is left in the hot water tank. Running low or want a bath? Just give it a boost!

Set up a schedule

The Passiv app is the easiest way to manage heating and hot water schedules. Add up to six heating periods for each day of the week!

Enable ecoHeat

Enable ecoHeat in the Passiv app to unlock greater savings and perfect comfort. Just head to Settings to get started.

Choose a tariff

Select an energy tariff for accurate cost information. Have a time of use tariff? Select it here for even greater bill savings.

Track usage

See detailed information about how much energy a heat pump is using, how much it is costing and how efficiently it is running.

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