The leading provider of rooftop solar services

Passiv is the market-leader for metering, monitoring, Feed-in Tariff administration and green energy certificate registration for large solar portfolios.

A one-stop shop for solar portfolio managers

Passiv is the market leader in monitoring solar PV portfolios. For over a decade, we have been a trusted partner in solar PV monitoring, management, and Feed-in Tariff administration for domestic and commercial multi-site generators.

Passiv provides the tools to get the most from your solar PV portfolio. Whether it’s tracking the individual or aggregated performance of your sites, managing the O&M of your portfolio, or streamlining your Feed-in Tariff payments, Passiv can help improve your processes and maximise profitability.

Metering and monitoring solutions

Passiv can supply, install and fund new or replacement meters for solar installations.

Passiv only install the latest Automated Meter Reading (AMR) devices which provide remote access to generation and export data. Meter readings can be viewed at an individual or aggregate level via the PassivPro asset management portal.

Boost your solar returns with green energy certificates

In 2022, Passiv launched the Go-REGO service. This unique service can improve your solar returns by up to 10% by registering your sites for Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin – green energy certificates that can be sold to energy suppliers. Passiv’s automated system for processing registrations and making annual submissions makes it possible to register small renewable installations for these certificates for the first time.

Feed-in Tariff management

Passiv is an Ofgem-registered Feed-in Tariff (FiT) licensee under its wholly-owned subsidiary and offers a fully automated FiT management service for solar portfolios.

We are experienced in switching large FiT portfolios and our automated processes and exception management ensures this process runs smoothly.

Unique insight with PassivPro

Passiv’s asset management portal, PassivPro, provides complete visibility of your solar portfolio. PassivPro offers system monitoring, forecasting and performance reporting alongside O&M ticketing and fault management to deliver a complete solution for solar portfolio managers.

Want to get more from your solar portfolio?

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