Passiv UK and Samsung to unlock heat pump flexibility as part of Interoperable Demand Side Response programme

January, 2023

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has selected a collaborative project between Passiv UK and Samsung for funding as part of the Interoperable Demand Side Response programme. The project will see Passiv and Samsung design a smart controls system for Samsung heat pumps compliant with the PAS 1878 and 1879 standards for energy smart appliances and the provision of demand side response. The project will build on Passiv’s existing smart controls for Samsung heat pumps and several years of collaborative research between the two companies.

The UK Government is targeting 600,000 heat pump installations a year by 2028. This will result in a significant increase in electricity demand, particularly at peak times. To help prevent overloading the grid and reduce reliance on fossil fuels, heat pumps can be operated to coincide with periods of high renewable generation, spread demand out across the day, and respond reactively to the need for grid flexibility. This flexibility is known as demand side response (DSR) and can be enabled through the use of smart, connected controls. Unlocking DSR from heat pumps will allow consumers to monetise the grid flexibility they provide, helping to reduce energy bills and support the mass rollout of heat pumps.

The project will see Passiv and Samsung create PAS 1878 and PAS 1879-compliant smart controls for Samsung heat pumps. The PAS standards provide a technical specification that allows domestic appliances to provide DSR. This project will help inform and guide these standards going forward, ensuring they deliver the best outcome for consumers.

The project will see Passiv further develop its Smart Energy Platform and heat pump controls. The Passiv heat pump controls can lower annual heating bills by up to 35% by improving the performance of a heat pump, increasing efficiency while optimising against time of use tariffs and on-site renewable generation. The Platform increases the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance of a heat pump by 17%, as independently verified by the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Read more about the Interoperable Demand Side Response programme on the website: Interoperable Demand Side Response Programme

Passiv UK is excited to be working alongside Samsung to enhance our smart controls further and build on our extensive experience using heat pumps to provide grid flexibility. Using heat pumps to provide demand side response will help to decarbonise the UK’s electricity grid while reducing the cost of owning and operating a heat pump, supporting the Government’s ambitious target of installing 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028.
Ian Rose, Sales and Strategy Director at Passiv UK
Samsung are delighted to be working with our trusted partner Passiv UK to enhance the smart control capabilities of our heat pump products delivering benefits for end-users and helping to improve the efficiency of the UK grid. A win-win.
Kevin O’Leary, Business Manager Heating Products at Samsung