The Passiv Go-REGO Service – increase your solar portfolio returns by up to 10%

April, 2023

The Passiv Go-REGO service automatically registers domestic rooftop solar generation for green energy certificates, increasing returns for solar portfolio owners by up to 10%.

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, or REGOs, are certificates issued to renewable energy generators for each unit of electricity they produce. Once a site has been registered for and issued REGOs, these certificates can be sold each year to an energy supplier. Energy suppliers use REGOs to validate that a certain portion of their supply has been generated from renewable sources.

Historically, the process of applying for REGOs has been complex and time consuming, making it impractical for smaller sites to claim certificates. With the Passiv Go-REGO service, the entire process is automated – Passiv will register solar sites for REGOs, manage annual generation submissions, and coordinate the sale of REGOs to chosen suppliers and brokers. The service makes it possible to register small renewable installations for REGOs for the first time.

Now is the perfect time to register your portfolio for REGOs. Over the past two years, REGO prices have increased significantly. As renewable generation becomes more and more important for both businesses and consumers, it is likely that REGO certificates will continue to command high prices, providing a lucrative opportunity for solar portfolio managers to expand their revenue streams. Registering your solar portfolio for REGOs could increase your annual returns by up to 10% whilst improving your ESG credentials.

In 2022, Passiv completed the sale of over 30,000 REGO certificates for Fiera Infrastructure. Steve Disley, Vice President of Fiera Infrastructure, commented:

“We’ve been working with Passiv as our Feed-In Tariff and O&M provider since 2017. Their new REGO service has helped add value within our domestic solar portfolio and will provide an additional source of revenue for the remainder of our Feed-In Tariff term. Passiv provide a professional, market-leading solar O&M management and Feed-in Tariff service and they have gone above and beyond to create value upside for our UK solar portfolio.”

To find out more about the Passiv Go-REGO service read the Passiv Go-REGO brochure or email

The Passiv Go-REGO service is part of Passiv’s broader offer to solar portfolio owners. Passiv can also provide:

  • Feed-in Tariff registration, management and payment
  • Asset monitoring with the PassivPro portal with aggregated and per site view and performance analysis
  • Document and workflow management
  • O&M service and management tools