Passiv Greener Grid Payments – sign up and get paid for using your heat pump

November, 2023

Following a successful trial last year, Passiv UK has today launched Greener Grid Payments. This new service rewards Passiv heat pump control customers for using less power at peak times. The Passiv controls automatically reduce heat pump power consumption without impacting on home comfort, so our customers can get paid without having to lift a finger!

Passiv Greener Grid Payments is part of the National Grid Electricity System Operator’s Demand Flexibility Service (DFS). The service was introduced last year and over a million homes took part.

So far, almost all of the domestic flexibility provided as part of the DFS relies on manual intervention, for example switching your fridge off for a couple of hours or using the washing machine later in the day. Passiv UK is the first registered DFS provider to offer an automated heat pump service to its customers.

Before a DFS event, our Smart Energy Platform and heat pump controls will pre-heat the home, storing warmth in the fabric of the building so that the heat pump can be switched off for an hour or so without the home becoming cold. As a registered DFS provider, we are paid for this demand reduction by National Grid which we share with our customers.

In addition to automatically reducing heat pump power consumption, Passiv customers will be notified in advance of Greener Grid Events, giving them the chance to get paid even more by reducing the power consumption of other devices within their home.

Greener Grid Payments will run until 31st March 2024 and is open to all Passiv customers using the PassivLiving app.

To find out more about Passiv Greener Grid Payments or to sign up, email