Helping customers achieve smarter energy management in a range of markets

Passiv works with housing developers, manufacturers, local authorities, landlords, energy companies, grid operators and investors. Behind our platform is ten years of collaborative thinking from some of the sector’s leading energy professionals.

Passiv’s Smart Energy Platform will strengthen your customer proposition, reduce operating costs and unlock new revenue streams. Our Platform supports the decarbonisation of the electricity grid, reducing peak demand and generating additional revenue opportunities with Demand Side Response.

Smarter solutions for a range of markets

Housing Developers

An integrated energy control solution connecting low-carbon technologies to demystify the technology, reduce running costs and simplify the user experience.


Making heat pumps, battery storage, solar PV and EV chargepoints smart with a connected white-label control solution.

Energy Companies

Smarter propositions for low-carbon technologies to lower your settlement costs and grow your customer base.


Smart, connected technology for landlords reducing energy bills and carbon emissions.

Asset Funders

Visibility of funded assets and a stronger customer proposition with smart, connected low-carbon technologies.

Solar Providers

Performance reporting, O&M ticketing and Feed-in Tariff management from the market leader in solar PV monitoring.

How it works

Every building is different in the way it consumes energy and heat. That’s why the Passiv Smart Energy Platform creates an energy model of each home it's connected to.
Our patented machine-learning algorithms build a unique model of a home, learning the thermal dynamics and energy consumption patterns to maximise the efficiency of heat pumps and reduce energy bills. Through connecting other low-carbon technologies to our platform, such as battery storage, solar PV and EV chargepoints, we are able to optimise across all devices in the home, further reducing energy bills and carbon emissions.