The Smart Energy Platform for monitoring, controlling and optimising low-carbon technologies in the home

To reduce our carbon emissions, we need to change how we travel, heat our homes and generate power. We need an energy revolution in our homes – to replace boilers with heat pumps, swap petrol and diesel cars for electric vehicles, and install solar PV on rooftops.

At Passiv, we believe we can accelerate the global journey to net-zero and reduce the cost of low-carbon technologies by making them connected and smart. That’s why we’ve created our Smart Energy Platform.  Our Smart Energy Platform enables smart, connected monitoring and control of energy devices within a home. Many of the UK’s largest energy companies have used Passiv technology to help them deliver their net-zero ambition, including EDF, E.ON and Shell.

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Home decarbonisation technology

Our Smart Energy Platform connects to low-carbon technologies in the home – heat pumps, battery storage, solar PV and EV chargepoints – then it monitors, controls, and optimises them to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions.

As soon as a home connects to our Platform, we start to build an energy model of it to understand its thermal properties and how it consumes energy. With this model, the Platform uses machine-learning and artificial intelligence to determine how best to optimise the low-carbon technologies connected to it.

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How it works

Once a heat pump is connected, the Smart Energy Platform uses machine-learning algorithms to construct a model of how a home loses heat.

Every home is different – built from different materials, exposed to different weather conditions, and lived in differently by its owners. In the same way, the model we build of each home is different. Understanding how a home loses heat alongside local weather and temperature forecasts allows us to maximise the efficiency of a heat pump and reduce the householder’s energy bills.

Through connecting other low-carbon technologies to our Platform, such as battery storage, solar PV and EV chargepoints, we are able to optimise across all devices in the home, further reducing energy bills and carbon emissions.

Whether you are manufacturing, installing, or funding low-carbon technology, the Passiv Smart Energy Platform will strengthen your customer proposition, reduce operating costs and unlock new revenue streams.
Competitive edge – the technology to reduce running costs

Our Smart Energy Platform improves the performance of low-carbon technologies, increasing efficiency while optimising against time of use tariffs and on-site renewable generation. This means lower running costs for end-users and a stronger customer proposition for our partners.

The bigger picture – the technology to reduce operating costs

Our Smart Energy Platform gives visibility of the low-carbon technologies connected to it, with access to detailed live and historical data to see how devices are performing instantly. The Platform enables performance monitoring, diagnostics and pre-emptive maintenance for greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

Streamlined connection – the technology to reduce installation costs

Our Smart Energy Platform guides an installer through the process of connecting and commissioning low-carbon technologies, resulting in a streamlined installation with lower upfront costs and fewer costly remedial visits.

Greater opportunity – the technology to unlock new revenue streams

Our Smart Energy Platform allows low-carbon technologies to be aggregated and operated flexibly in response to Demand Side Response signals. This can unlock new revenue streams through wholesale energy trading and ancillary service provision.